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10 points submitted 24 days agoA long time ago I wanted to be a journalist. It was my major in college and I eventually moved to NYC to try and make something of myself as a journalist. I the kind of person with strong convictions, and I had hoped uk canada goose to canada goose factory sale write about them for a living. But I failed. I noticed that when you voice your opinion strongly, people get offended. People close to you who may share a different view.It canada goose coats on sale tore me up and I abandoned those dreams. But that desire in me to make a statement is still there. I just learned to bite my tongue. Now instead of talking about the benefits of taxing religious organizations when my aunt tells me she put $50 in that little basket they pass around at church I just nod my head canada goose clearance and change the subject.I leave that for a more appropriate venue. I find unique ways to make a statement through metaphors in fictional writing. Most of my stories have some sort of political or social commentary, but I try to refrain from outright saying what it is. I just sort of hope readers will pick up on it, or maybe interpret the characters and the story in a way that accommodates their own values. Kinda like how the Smurfs were all communists. That how I try to write horror.survivalprocedure 11 points submitted 2 months agoI had Canada Goose sale an overall positive impression of this event, although I was faced with the difficult decision of having sex with the wife or continue chasing the graviton lance catalyst. I chose the catalyst thinking I could hit rank 50 in time to run upstairs afterwards for bang bang shrimp but unfortunately the wife had fallen asleep by then and I just laid in bed staring Canada Goose Outlet at the ceiling with flashes of that ogre on Titan I had killed over and over flooding buy canada goose jacket cheap my thoughts.Achieving rank 50 is somewhat unforgiving. Between work and social functions, yesterday was really the only day I had to grind. I started the day at level 9 or so and hit 50 in the evening. I kind of regret spending buy canada goose jacket my entire Sunday doing that. But in a weird way, I kind of don regret it at the same time.I would recommend increasing the token rewards across the board for every activity. Someone else mentioned a multiplier based on Canada Goose online how many lost sectors you run. I do like the idea, but would tweak it somewhat. You can add a multiplier based on how many different lost sectors you done. Repeating the same one over and over would not increase the multiplier, but doing a different one would. This would encourage players to explore a bit canada goose uk shop and branch out rather than repeating the same monotonous task a hundred times. 5 points submitted 4 months agoHello! Moderator for r/libraryofshadows here. I know we are a much smaller community than r/nosleep, but the number of users of a community does not supersede fundamental veracity.First off, thank you for taking the time to explain your motivations with this app and its revenue. At first glance, your app seems like a typical money grab of the work others put Canada Goose Parka out for free. After reading through this post though, I can see your intentions were more innocent than my original assessment. I still not fully on board with this app though. I a man of conviction when it comes to these things. I quite vocal in this cheap Canada Goose community about my distaste for users with patreon accounts and those asking for money. The purpose of this comment is not to Canada Goose Jackets justify my beliefs, but to explain how I personally interpret something like this app.I do not take money from anyone. I had stories on the nosleep podcast, been featured in magazines, and been published in books. I do not accept money from anyone. cheap canada goose canada goose outlet uk I have been writing for most of my life and have never made any money from it. I not complaining, that the way I like it. I create content because I like it and I enjoy entertaining canada goose uk black friday someone else. The most I have canadian goose jacket made are the two posts that were guilded here on reddit, and honestly I wish I could refuse the guilding, but reddit does not have that functionality.I expect anything that I create to be without cost and free from pollution, and I categorize ads as a form of visual pollution. An eyesore on a work of art. How would it feel going into the Louvre, walking through all the magnificent pieces of art, going up to the Mona Lisa and finding a big Pepsi ad plastered over the top of the painting? canada goose black friday sale Nope, no fucking thank you. I canada goose clearance sale did uk canada goose outlet not want anything I created to be presented as damaged goods, and that what you done with this.Ads are Canada Goose Coats On Sale a necessary evil in some cases. I know that. Don leave ads on the screen at all times, especially ads that cover portions of the content. Don badger users with frequent requests to rate your app. It polluting art.Secondly, speaking as a moderator of a community featured on this app, I have another issue with the microtransactions for something that is otherwise free to use by everyone on every other API platform. This is absolutely disgraceful! How dare you charge users to access r/libraryofshadows directly through the app! This prompted a discussion among the moderators of our sub and we felt it was necessary to make an announcement explaining that we are not affiliated with your app. I mentioned this before, but as ads are a necessary evil, extorting consumers is downright disgraceful.In the apps current state I cannot voice any support for it, and I stand by the comments labeling you as a thief despite your explanation. Apart from the microtransactions and ads, this app would be great. If you want my respect, as well as many others in this community, get rid of anything that expenses the user.

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