Just know that the civilian education Vs

I am a Hospital Corpsman

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I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Before I Canada Goose Jackets struck and was considering HM I was chatting with an xray tech who just put on 3rd class and asked him if he would recommend people select it despite a battle against qoutas and I got a resounding „Hell yeah“ as a response. He mentioned that his job satisfaction is through the roof. I got a similar answer from an HM1 at my command. Boot camp is hard for the first few weeks, just try to put your mind somewhere else. Nuke school is very hard. You get canada goose uk black friday a good amount of freedom outside uk canada goose the classroom, but inside it is no joke. You have mandatory study hours every night, and you cannot study outside of the school house. In boot camp you canada goose coats on sale get to pick canadian goose jacket between MM, ET, and EM as your nuclear specialty. ET is very stressful, EM is basically and ET and an EM at the same time, and MM is basically the grunt. No one in the nuclear field likes their job, they like the money. It is hard, demanding, mentally draining, and will challenge you in canada goose factory sale every way. Good luck Canada Goose Parka to you though, I wish you better luck than myself

canada goose Canada Goose Online outlet uk Your second command, (unless the first is shore, then switch the advice for these), FINISH school! canada goose uk outlet By that I mean get your degree! I’ll tell you, I buy canada goose jacket cheap procrastinated to the MAX on this and never completed it. And btw, I’ve been on shore duty my entire time in. If you end up like me, it’s not bad, don’t beat up on yourself for it. Just know that the civilian education Vs. the one that you receive does not compare one bit! The best way to put this, is that the government will spend basically an infinite amount of money to train you to do a job that a civilian has to pay for them selves. They’re now going by „Total Sailor“ points composed of GPA (still the largest percentage), PFA scores, volunteer hours, holding a leadership position, etc. The top 10 are the only ones who actually pick, everyone else gets to decide between East Coast, West Coast, or overseas, but are ultimate needs of the Navy canada goose outlet uk.