They waited for darkness to fall before sending men to the

Living in the Trenches of WW1

The Canada Goose sale Trenches of WW IDuring the First World War, many soldiers fought and died. Some survived, and some lived but were disabled for the rest of their canada goose factory sale lives, but everyone who fought in the trenches lost close friends or family members.

Every soldier who fought in the trenches knew death and the smell that followed, a smell that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

canada goose outlet toronto factory Life in the trenches was often said to be hell on earth and nobody Canada Goose Outlet who went there argued to the contrary. In the trenches, those poor fighting men got up close and personal with death, disease, mutilation, fear, hunger, horror, lice, rats, maggots, insects, and constant threat. There, every waking moment was spent dodging shellfire and bullets, defending life. canada goose outlet toronto factory

canada goose canada goose coats outlet online There was plenty of life in the trenches, but sadly there was no real living for the men who served their time there. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet canada Daily Trench Routine During World War 1Although It may sound difficult buy canada goose jacket cheap to believe, there was order in the trenches. Even in the bloody chaos of the fiercest battles, soldiers still followed a daily routine. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet in usa Every day and night, the fighting went on but the young men still tried to stick cheap canada goose uk to a routine which gave them a purpose other than killing each another. Keeping to a routine was a moral booster for the men because even if it did just last for a few moments, it was a break from the killing fields (although they still had to worry about a bullet with their name on it). canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet uk A Day in the TrenchesThe daily routine (an example): canada goose outlet uk

canada goose outlet store Since many raids and attacks would be carried before dawn, an hour before sun up, canada goose uk black friday everyone would get up and climb up on the fire step to watch, weapons drawn, for dawn raids by the enemy. Oftentimes the soldiers would fire their weapons randomly toward the enemy at this time, as a defensive measure. canada goose outlet store

canada goose outlet uk sale After the sun came up, the soldiers would clean their equipment and stand for inspection by senior officers. This was mostly a roll call to check which soldiers were still alive. Then they’d go for breakfast. Breakfast time was an unofficial truce in most areas on buy canada goose jacket the canada goose black friday sale front line, a truce that was sometimes extended to the wagons delivering food and medical supplies. canada goose outlet uk sale

After breakfast, canadian goose jacket they’d get their daily chore assignments. There were always soldiers assigned to watch on the the fire step. The men sent to the firing step would be relieved after two hours and then they would be able to spend some time „relaxing“ before being canada goose uk shop sent to do other chores, such as shoring up parts of the trenches that had been damaged by shellfire, re filling sandbags, draining water from the trench floor, gathering supplies such as ammunition and food, maintaining latrines, and burying the bodies of their dead comrades.

canada goose black friday sale During the rainy season, the trenches would fill up with water and the walls would turn to mud, creating dangerous living conditions inside, so the men had to work hard to maintain the trenches. Once the chores were done, the men canada goose outlet were subjected to an inspection by senior officers. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose outlet store uk At some point in the day, the men would have some leisure time when they might be able to catch up on some much needed sleep. Of course, there was no real freedom during free time, uk canada goose and they could not move around and risk getting shot, so they’d sit still in one spot while they rested, played cards, or wrote letters. canada goose outlet store uk

At sundown, stand to was repeated and everyone would aim and fire toward the enemy with one last noisy pre emptive blast of defense for the day. They waited for darkness to fall before sending men to the rear lines to retrieve supplies. All night, someone was always standing for a two hour watch on the fire Canada Goose Jackets step while others would be sent out to patrol the no man’s land between their line and the enemy’s.

Food in the Trenches of the First World WarIn the heat of battle, it was impossible to have a set mealtime for the fighting soldiers, but if there was a lull in the fighting, hot meals were able to be delivered from the field kitchens to the front line trenches.

canada goose outlet When soldiers were at stand down, food canada goose uk outlet was easier to acquire and both British and German troops could expect food to be available canada goose clearance with some degree of Canada Goose Coats On Sale regularity. canada goose outlet

canada goose jacket outlet The soldiers in the trenches ate quite well, and the food was luxurious compared to what their families back home were eating. canada goose jacket outlet

canada goose outlet parka A typical day’s ration for a British soldier would include: canada goose outlet parka

official canada goose outlet 20 ounces of bread or 16 ounces flour or 4 ounces of uk canada goose outlet oatmeal official canada goose outlet

3 canada goose coats on sale ounces of cheese

5/8 ounces of tea

canada goose outlet Canada Goose Parka shop 4 ounces of jam canada goose clearance sale or 4 ounces of dried fruit canada goose outlet shop

canada goose outlet jackets ounce of salt, 1/36 ounce of pepper canada goose outlet jackets

canada goose outlet sale 1/20 ounce of mustard canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet reviews 2 ounces of dried vegetables or 8 ounces of fresh vegetables or 1/10 gi. lime juice if vegetables were not available canada goose outlet reviews.