Today we worry about the destructive power of supervolcanoes

Then in the very next week of July, both agencies suddenly switched to down grading and doing it violently. Some 900 instruments were downgraded by one or both agencies, usually by several notches, and often driving AAA rated securities all the way down to junk. Hundreds more securities were placed on credit watch..

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moncler outlet woodbury Do not post Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This moncler outlet jackets includes your real name, e mail addresses, home address, phone number, SSN, etc. /r/USCG WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU CHOOSE TO POST PII. Europeans here talked of a broader effort to develop independent European security policies, so that nations are less dependent on a newly unreliable America. Francois Heisbourg, a French security expert, urged Europeans to „speak softly and build a big stick.“Mark Leonard, who heads the European Council on Foreign Relations, argued that Europe should stop „appeasement“ of Trump and focus on its own security interests. This stance was endorsed by Philip Zelikow, a former State Department official who teaches at the University of Virginia moncler outlet woodbury.